Let G Suite work for you

Many employees spend a vast amount of their time on answering mails, planning meetings, and other daily tasks. Tasks, which modern technology can help you and your co-workers perform.

G Suite saves you time by means of intelligent technologies. Take, for instance, Smart Reply, which is a tool that generates automatic mail replies, to mails that doesn’t require a long reply. Today, more than 10 % of mail replies are sent from phones by means of Smart Reply – imagine how much time it’ll save you.

With G Suite, you can share your calendars within the organization. Google Calendar uses intelligent technology, just like Smart Reply, to figure out the times where every participant is available, and then it suggests meetings rooms based on earlier bookings. You no longer have to look through every single calendar to coordinate with your co-workers.

With G Suite Work you get

– Gmail
– Calendar
– Hangouts
– Google+

Storage and Collaboration
– Drive
– Docs
– Sheets
– Analysis
– Slides
– Sites

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Administration console

As the organization’s G Suite administrator, you can adjust the solution in details so it covers your needs. Through the administration console, you can easily manage the organization’s users and devices, as well as change the security settings. You can, among others, control the security on user-level through a 2-factor confirmation and Single Sign-On.

You don’t even have to sign in from your computer to change the settings in the admin console – just like the rest of G Suite, it is cloud-based and, therefore, you can access all the settings through your mobile admin app.

Mobile administration
Google’s Mobile Device Management enables you to control the security level on the organization’s mobile devices – be it smartphones or tablets, Android, iOS or Windows.

For instance, you can set up general rules for how long time a mobile phone can be inactive before the user must enter the password. It secures the organization from unauthorized access to confidential information.

If a phone goes missing or is stolen, it is possible to erase all data on the phone through the administration console, to ensure that the critical information about the organization is deleted from the lost phone. Then your employees’ Gmail, Google Drive, and other mobile apps are always secure.

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