Reselling & Partnerships

At APPS People we believe in creating strategic partnerships that help extent and expand on our customers existing Google Workspace solution to get the most of their collaboration platform.

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Secure your business

Protect your organization with Tricent Security Group who offers assessments, recommendations and metrics that allow your company to make qualified decisions regarding your IT security. 

Social Intranet

LumApps is an award-winning social intranet that creates a holistic workspace, fully integrated with your collaborative suite and business tools.

Best reference: Google runs and recommend LumApps themselves.

Data security and encryption

Virtru protection travels with your data wherever it goes. Encryption and access policies are centrally managed and applied to data as it’s created. You get ultimate visibility and control into where the data travels, who has access, and for how long.

Better Workspace Management

Administrative tasks are simplified with built-in workflow to ensure quick and effective management of users, domains and data including user life cycle management, signature management, contact sharing and role-based admin access.

Your business doesn’t exist in a silo

Why should your communication tools? Videxio makes it easier for Hangouts Meet users to collaborate with anyone on video. Break down the barriers of your communication tools and get back to business; do more, and reach your goals.

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