Helping your users to a good start in Workspace

Become a Google Workspace pro with our help

APPS People offers different types of workshops depending on the company’s needs. It might be that some of the end users need tuition in how to use Google Drive. Maybe your IT department need some more in-depth knowledge. Or perhaps you need our experts to spend a day at your company to help you get takeoff in the new IT system.
We are there to help no matter what your problem might be. In collaboration with you, we schedule a program that fits your company’s plans.

The instructions are a supplement and the price varies depending on the size of the task.

Do you wanna hear what we can offer you? Call us on tel. +45 70 20 69 69


Introductions to Google Workspace and other Google products

During our inspirational workshops we will touch different areas, which will differ depending on your wishes and the level of your users. We offer a wide range of different training sessions such as Business Starter, Collaboration in Google Workspace, Workspace everywhere, Chrome and Chrome extensions, Introduction to Jamboard  and many more.

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