Personal and Professional Chrome

Connect your employees across any operating system

For quite some time Chrome has been much more than just an internet browser

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Security above all

With Chrome you’ll get the security you need!  You shouldn’t have to be a security expert to feel safe when you surf the web. Chrome was built to be secure by default, and easy to use for everyone.

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Personalize your browser

Chrome allows you to personalize your browser in a way that has never been done before. Options such as apps, extensions and themes allow you to truly make it your browser. The sync option is also worth noting. It allows you to sync your Chrome browser, so you can sync things like your bookmarks, history and passwords to your Google Account. This allows you to get to them on any device you may use.

Manage centrally

From an organizational point of view, the option to have centralized control in the Chrome browser is a game changer. It allows IT admins to control which extensions are being used by workers within the organization for policy and security reasons. This feature helps enterprises improve their extension strategy.

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Contact us to hear what we can do for your company.

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