At an early stage, we realized that GCP is not just for partners!

GCP is Google’s entire range of infrastructure and services within their cloud, spanning from AI to Tensorflow, from scale-out Compute Engines to Dev-ops and No-Ops.

Operating as a fully fledged Google partner, we at APPS People believe in facilitating our customers in the use of multiple GCP vendors and partners, while the number of specialized GCP partners and developers needs a customer-driven framework to execute and co-exist in.

We call these services:

GCP Billing Solution

At APPS People we scoped this early in the GCP days, we solved it for ourselves and we now provide it as a service for our customers across Europe.

The complexity of Google Cloud Platform billing includes:

GCP Best Practice Advisory

We aim to service our customers with the best of breed resources within GCP projects of any kind. And that is why our team of engineers, product specialists and not least product researchers are available to our customers for best GCP practice advisory including:

  • Guidance for competency tracking at Google support and Professional Services resources and product specialists at Google
  • Customer guidance to reference GCP projects, business cases, and best practices

GCP Partner Facilitation

APPS People is a 12-year “Grand Old Lady” within the Google partner ecosystem (actually, it is only SalesForce that have been a Google partner longer than us), which means that we have a long track record of networking, co-working and finding Google competencies within both Google and their fast-growing network of specialized partners, ISV’s and 3rd party solutions.

Our services within this field include:

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Contact us to hear what we can do for your company.

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