Chromebooks are fast, secure and easy to use. They are ready to go in seconds, and offer thousands of apps thanks to Google Play. Chromebook has built-in virus protection and protects all of your files with secure backups in the cloud.

Chromebooks always let you work when you want to. “


  • CPU:   Intel Core i7 processor
  • Ram:   4 GB
  • Storage:   32 GB
  • Ports:   Front: 1 x 3 -in-1 Card Reader
  • Display:   Not included

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A better OS

Chromebooks are equipped with Chrome OS which ensures that you will get the full Google experience. Chrome OS will feel instantly recognizable if you have an Android smartphone or working in the Google Workspace. The apps and the interface are the same, and the Chromebooks even have several of the Workspace apps such as Gmail and Google Drive preinstalled.

Furthermore, Chromebooks always let you work when you want to. You are no longer forced to install the latest updates when your computer wants you to because a Chromebook updates automatically without you even noticing it.

The cloud provides limitless memory

Chromebooks allow you to work in the cloud. With easy access to your Google account, all of your files will always be right where you are. And with the cloud, you will never run out of memory on your Chromebook.

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