Google as a professional platform

You have probably heard about Google’s apps, and maybe you already use some of them such as Google Docs or Gmail. But did you know that Google also has a solution specifically designed for companies?

If not, please let us introduce G Suite, Google’s professional platform for collaboration. Find out what is so great about G Suite right here

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Apps people

Today, most communication happens online – on intranets, by e-mail or in chats. But on top of that, much of your work takes place in the cloud as well, and it is essential that you can work together with your colleagues and access your files wherever you are. With such big amounts of data online, it can quickly get difficult to find what you are looking for. At Apps People, we help companies collaborate effortlessly across the entire organization – with the power from G Suite, we gather all your communication and files in just one streamlined solution.

What our customers say

Berlingske Media has throughout the years had a close collaboration with Apps People, where the relationship is highly professional and, at the same time, personal. This results in a nice and flexible working climate with a great service and proactive knowledge sharing.

Anne Bindholt, IT Service Manager, Berlingske Media


Stay up to date with the latest G Suite news and updates right here from Google’s own team:

“APPS People was one of the first Google Partners within the field of Cloud Based Solutions for Enterprises. Through the years we have striven to be innovative, agile and adaptive in our conduct of Google’s business services. We have performed migrations and services to all sorts and sizes of enterprises in Scandinavia, and to be honest, we believe in ourselves being one of the worlds most experienced partners within digital transformation into the Google Cloud.”