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Google Vault

Vault is Google’s online safety box used for the administration and maintenance of the organization’s important data. Vault makes it possible to store the organization’s important mails and chat conversations for a longer period that the standard one.

This can save time and expenses if the organization ends up in a certain situation – for instance, customer complaints or lawsuits – where this sort of data will be useful. In that way, Vault can protect the organization from unexpected situations, which can strike small, as well as large organizations.

Vault makes it easy to find necessary data in case of emergency. You can gain access to all your data, such as mails and chat history, by means of the quick search function. Through eDiscovery, you can search for data from, for instance, key words, dates, sender, and recipient.

Vault is built up of the same modern, cloud-based architecture as G suite. Vault requires no complicated and expensive IT setting, as opposed to the traditional solutions. Your organization can, within few minutes, get access to a service, which is designed to maintain security and ensure that only authorized people have access to critical material and information.

Vault can be purchased included in the G Suite Business, or in addition to the purchase of G Suite Basic. See more here.

Our customers say

Accustoming the organization to not using the Office package can be a challenge. However, Google’s mail- and calendar function is without comparison. No other providers come close to Apps People’s stability or service level – especially considering the price.

Peter Holm, Bedre Begravelse