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G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education is Google’s solution for educational institutions. G Suite for Education consists of a variety of applications, that ease the communication and productivity in your institution. The applications are easy to integrate and adjust to your place of study, so the students, educators, and additional employees can improve the collaboration and streamline the education.

Your online classroom

As an educator, you’ll get a unique tool for planning the education. Google Classroom is your online common room, where you can create teams, delegate tasks, keep track of the students’ progress, and give feedback. All your things are gathered in one place – free from notebooks, binders, and notepads.

In Classroom, the students can keep track of their hand-ins, contact the teacher, send messages to the entire class, and much more. With Google Docs, the students can easily create, share, and collaborate on documents in real time, during the lessons as well as outside the school. The cloud-based solution enables you to access your files anywhere, anytime.

You will get a mobile classroom with plenty of storage, quick searches, and a variety of other useful functions. It is free of costs, commercials, and hardware, that demands maintenance. It means, that you will save time, money, and won’t have to worry about IT.

The virtual janitor

Apps People have acquired a new job description. Where the generic janitor ensures that the school’s buildings, installations, and rooms are in great shape, we, on the other hand, take care of the web-based resources.

With one of Apps People’s support agreements, you can always count on help to your solution. Our Google experts are ready by the phones 24/7 to solve your problems as quick as possible. Read more about our support agreement here.

Besides the support, Apps People offers Chrome OS Management licenses. You’ll receive a web-based administration console, which helps you streamline and keep track of your users, devices, and apps on every one of your Chromebooks.

You can register who has which machine, control installations and web access, change user settings for specific groups, and keep track of the use of your Chromebooks. You can setup network settings and create user-defined themes, that reflect your institution. And much, much more.

Hear more about how we can help you with G Suite for Education on phone +45 70 20 69 69

Our customers say

Arkitema has, since the implementation of G Suite in April 2011, grown from about 180 employees in Denmark to 500+ employees in the north. Apps People and the G Suite platform has played a major part in successfully establishing our new offices in the north. Apps People has contributed with a professional business relationship and service and, not least, quality G Suite courses for the employees.

Michael Morgen, IT Manager, Arkitema Architects