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G Suite Business

G Suite Business is the extended version of G Suite. G Suite Business entails all the same features as G Suite Basic, but besides that everyone within the organization will get unlimited storage. It means, that you never have to worry about the space in Google Drive, and you can store as many documents, mails and images, as you want.

The G Suite Business also gives you extended opportunities regarding administration and security.

G Suite for Business enables you to control the organization’s mail traffic for sensitive data, such as credit card information or social security numbers. When Gmail’s system run into such information, it processes the messages in accordance to their predefined politics, such as: put the messages in quarantine, reject the message, or change the message.

You will also get access to advanced administration of Drive. With G Suite Business, the administrators can access an overview of the actions taken in Drive by the organization’s users, such as: corrections to files, deleted content, downloads, sharing of content from G Suite apps and other files, which are uploaded to Drive. At the same time, the administrations can be notified about the users’ activities in Drive if files are, for instance, being shared outside the domain of the organization.

This also accounts for the organization’s mobile devices. Administrators can gain access to log files regarding the users’ behavior, for instance, if new apps have been downloaded, and they can also setup alarm in case of improper use.

You get Google Vault with G Suite Business. Vault is an easily accessible and cost-effective solution, which can be used for administration and maintenance of the organization’s vital data. Read more about what Google Vault can do here.

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