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G Suite Basic

G Suite is Google’s cloud based Communications solution. G Suite consist of a pallet of intelligent apps, which help you work effectively and ease the collaboration among people – you may already know apps such as Gmail, Docs and Drive.

All the applications are placed online and don’t require you to install software or maintain hardware. It means, that you don’t have to store a single server within your organization. G Suite can be used from every computer, tablet and smartphone with internet access – no matter if you are at the office or in the train, on your way to a meeting.

The administration is minimal, which means large time and cost savings, and updates happen automatically, this means that your IT solution is always future-proof. In short: there is nothing to worry about.

Why not just use your private Google accounts?

With G suite, you get the familiar Google apps; a number of additional services, which are developed specifically to organizations. Those are the benefits, that make the difference.

G Suite allows you to Gmail together with your professional mail from the organization’s domain. You’ll get more storage space in Gmail and Drive, optimized security functions, complete administration of all user accounts, and much more.

Our customers say

In 2013, we decided to move all our Google activities to the cloud with G Suite. For us as inexpert, it was a difficult decision with many concerns and the recurrent question – what if? Consulting Apps People’s support team gave us peace at mind from day one in the decision to share all data and communication in the cloud. Our four offices in Europe and our mobile employees access this shared data on a daily basis, and it works impeccably. In the rare occasions where we need to catch up – the support team is helpful and professional.

A highly profitable ROI with this complete cloud solution instead of traditional server solutions.

Bjarne Petersen, IT Manager, Euro-Transfers EU